Sexy 60's Rockers

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Sexy 60s Rockers
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This community is all about those 60s rockers that we all know and love. Everybody has a favorite. Come and join us to share your favorite photos (then and now) with us.

1.This group is all about sharing photos. If you are not certain how to post a photo, please contact one of our maintainers. We will be happy to tell you how. Do not create a post asking how to do so, it will be deleted.

2.Please be kind to dial-up users. If a photo you post is large or if you are posting several, please post it behind the cut. If you are unsure of how to do this, once again you may contact one of the maintainers or simply visit Live Journal's FAQ section.

3. Remember what sharing is all about! If it would upset you to see someone else using all or part of your photo, please do not post it here.

4. Please tag your posts with the name of the subject (Beatles, Monkees, etc.) and your username. This will make finding them at a later date much easier.

5. Great sites for uploading photos too.



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